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LMAB RS F 15-285 [Lute tabulature]
Title [Lute tabulature]
I. Identification
Signature LMAB RS F 15-285
Preserver Manuscript Department
Institution Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
State Republic of Lithuania
II. Description
Author John Dowland, William Byrd, Robert Johnson, Thomas Morley, Hans Leo Hasler, Jacob Pretorius, John Hoskins et al.
Language German, Latin
Date 1620
Place of Creation [Brandenburg?]
III. Physical Description
1. Form Manuscript notation book
2. Document Size 31,7x21,5 cm
3. Material Paper
4. Binding Carton covers, brown leather back
5. Number of Folios 68 folios. Numeration is not original. According to the earlier numeration 11 folios are missing.
6. Folio Size 31,5 x 20,5 cm and less
7. Text Size 29 x 19 cm and less
8. Script Humanist italics, Gothic italics
9. Scribe Unknown (16 scribes estimated)
10. Watermarks Of two types: letter “R” in a triangular shield with a crown; eagle with an unidentified coat-of-arms on the bosom.
11. Decoration (Iliumination)
12. Marginalia Folios 30v-31r and 52v-53r have drawings of small hearts in ink
13. Document Condition Covers are frayed, folios are spotty (mostly because of moisture). Some folios have been restored.
IV. Additional Information
1. Content Folio 1r.: Orlando [di Lasso] / Treble / Consorte. Pandora.
Folio 2v.: [without title]
Folio 7r.: Paven Levecha.
Folio 7v.: Fortuna Duland.
Folio 16v.: Polnischer Tantz. Polnisch Tantz. Polnisch Tantz
Folio 17v.: Galliard per Mr. Jonson. Fortuna.
Folio 19v.: Galliarda Frisco. Bass. Galliarda Anglic: Variatio.
Folio 22v.: Courant. Jacobi Praetorij. Courant. Galliarda.
Folio 30v.: Paduana Lachrijmae. P: Paduana Philippi.
Folio 35r.: Psalm: 3. Psalm: 5. O Herr dein Ohren zu. Psalm: 64.
Folio 45v.: Pavana Philippi.
Folio 49v.: Comedien Tantz. Engelsch Stückh. Galliarda.
Folio 54v.: [without title]
Folio 57v.: Passamezo. Tantz. Coura[n]t.
Folio 58r.: Galliarda Dulandi. Foccata.
Folio 65r.: Ballet.
2. Provenance Once existed wafer (A 116) on the back of the manuscript has crumbled away.
1. The inside of the first cover has a round seal bearing an inscription: "Preußisches Staatsarchiv in Königsberg".
2. On the upper left corner of the first folio of the manuscript there is a round seal of the Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences with a signature in ink: "285. MLF - LXXIX".
3. History The notation book was compiled in the Duke of Brandenburg palace entourage. Later the manuscript was kept at the Prussian State Archive in Köningsberg. After the World War II this tablature was transferred to the Manuscript Department of the Lithuanianian Academy of Sciences together with other manuscripts rescued from Köningsberg.
4. Publications The Königsberg Manuscript. A facsimile of Manuscript 285-MF-LXXIX (olim Preußisches Staatsarchiv, Königsberg, Msc. A 116. fol.) Central Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Science, Vilnius / with an Introduction, Inventory and Index by Arthur J. Ness and John M. Ward. Columbus, [1989].
5. Bibliography 1. Boetticher W. Handschriftlich überlieferte Lauten- und Gitarrentabulaturen des 15. bis 18. Jahrhunderts (Répertoire International des Sources Musicales, B VII). Munich, 1978.
2. Kosack H. P. Geschichte der Laute und Lautenmusik in Preußen. Würzburg, 1935.
3. Голдобин Д. О рукописной лютневой табулатуре из собрания Академии наук Литовской ССР // Старинная музыка в контексте современной культуры: проблемы, интерпретации и источниковедение = Early music in the context of the contemporary culture: problems of interpretacion and source study. Материялы музыковедческого конгреса. Москва, 1989, с. 538-549
6. Notation New French style lute tablature notation
7. Authorship © Info and Rights status