Main facts
MUSICALIA is the internet website of the Lithuanian part of the EUREKA project ECH:TOPICC and provides a direct access to the digital archive of the descriptions and images of the musical manuscripts preserved in Lithuania. ECH:TOPICC project partners are in Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany and Latvia. The project began in May 2003, its duration is 31 months.


Aims and tasks
European countries are rich in cultural heritage, but being unique and fragile the heritage is often difficult to reach not only for those just interested, but also for the researchers. This valuable heritage is scattered around in various libraries and archives, and having their digital copies in repositories open new possibilities for multifaceted research: manuscripts, colourful illustrations, development of style, comparison of different techniques, according to time and place references. The aim is to create an electronic medium for the research as well as for the quick management and acquisition of the intellectual property rights and licenses of the necessary multimedia objects found in the database.
The aim of this project is to create the software for the management of multimedia data (text, images, sounds) and intellectual property rights as well as for the interactive internet-based presentation of results. Innovative multimedia instruments are adapted for the digital preservation of the endangered Lithuanian and European cultural heritage as well as for the scientific research of the collected data and the attractive presentation of cultural items using computer networks and digital publishing on CD-ROMs, at the same time providing an effective possibility for cultural institutions to have a source of income from the intellectual property rights trade market of the preserved cultural items.

Prospective results
A universal multimedia database prototype will be created and will include a digital archive, containing bibliographical descriptions and images of the early musical (Middle Ages, Baroque) manuscripts of different European countries, including Lithuania, audio recordings of the music, texts and other related material. Up to now only repositories of a single country (Denmark, Italy, for example) or of a single media (texts or music) data were known.

Specific results:

  • Multimedia database containing images and audiovisual information
  • Software for multimedia data management and its representation on the internet
  • Quick management of intellectual property rights
  • Manuscripts from digital archive will be available for:
  • Publishing
    Cultural and music industry

Project partners

In Europe:

  • National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague, The Czech Republic
  • iTEL, Informatics & Telematics Ltd/ R&D Unit, Athens, Greece
  • Cultural and Educational Technology Institute (CETI), Xanthi, Greece
  • Business Systems International SA, Athens, Greece
  • Narcea Producciones Multimedia S.L, Madrid, Spain
  • Videostudio of Rezekne Higher School, Latvia
  • Kolonasata museum of Fr. Trasuns, Latvia
  • Graphical data processing centre, Rostock, Germany

In Lithuania:

  • Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
  • Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences
  • Public Company Visoriai Information Technologies Park

Project coordinator and main partner is Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.
Associated partner (outside EUREKA) – Multimedia laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada.

Duration and financing
The work began in May 2003 and the duration of the project is 31 months. Projects of Lithuanian science and studies institutions are financed by State Science and Studies Foundation; Visoriai Information Technologies Park is supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.

More information
More information about the aims of the project as well as the experience of the project participants is given at the partners' working and co-operation website EDetailed description of the ECH:TOPICC project on the EUREKA database at, can be found by the registration number E! 2597.

Project leader assoc. prof. dr. Nerutė Kligienė (1944-2011), senior researcher.




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