Every website page can be accessed by double clicking on the Menu on the right or on the bottom of the screen. Hypertext links and dropdown menu (in the search) help when browsing the website. To follow a link, click on it. In the text links are marked traditionally: the active text is underlined.

Home (title page): presentation of the multimedia database and the menu of the website.

Index: the list of all musical manuscripts presented on this website. To go to a document description page, activate its title by a mouse click.

Search: document search page allows for the search in the local repository (later, in the databases of the project partners) according to the several criteria: title, author, genre, period, signature and keywords. Search results are given at the bottom of the window, indicating the document signature, author (if available) and title. A mouse-click on the chosen title will lead to the document description page.


Services: users will be able to get acquainted with the possible use of the accumulated material for the purpose of study, publication etc. without violating the intellectual property rights as well as order a CD containing the required information. Services will be provided once the large enough amount of material is accumulated in this database. It is foreseen that as of 2005 via the Musicalia website users will be able to interactively manage the matters concerning intellectual property rights.

About the project: information about the ECH: TOPICC project, its aims and tasks, expected results, project partners, its duration and financing.

About the collection: short information about musical manuscripts, presented on the website.

Other repositories: links to other databases, internet websites of the institutions preserving documentary heritage and other sites.

Creators in Lithuania: institutions and people responsible for the ECH: TOPICC project and Musicalia website; their contact information.



About the project

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Creators in Lithuania


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